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The initial consultation

The initial consultation

Orthodontic treatment prevents, intercepts or rectifies dental and skeletal problems

Your initial consultation will:

  • evaluate and examine your (or your child’s) teeth, skeletal bases (“jaws”), and face
  • explain using videos, photographs, and visuals:
    • your orthodontic exam
    • your diagnosis
    • your treatment plan with options

Our mission

Our fundamental mission is to thoroughly explain (verbally and visually) your orthodontic exam, diagnosis, and treatment plan.

The initial consultation will last between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the age of the patient and the complexity of treatment.

For the orthodontic exam and to establish the diagnosis, we require diagnostic material:

  • a panoramic radiograph (taken within the past six months).  Your dentist may provide us with the radiograph or we will be preparing one during our initial consultation
  • a cepholametric radiograph: allows for evaluation of the position of the skeletal bases (“jaws”), the size of the skeletal bases, growth, etc.
  • photographs of your teeth and face
  • study models (using our intra-oral 3D scanner)


After the first consultation

If orthodontic treatment is planned, we will discuss the cost of treatment and 0% financing options (credit cards are accepted).

If a future reevaluation is necessary we will plan your appointments (no fee).

After discussing everything with you and answering your questions, we will complete a consultation report including photographs and the panoramic radiograph. We will send you and your dentist a copy of the consultation report.

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