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3D iTero Scanner

What is iTero?

A revolutionary three-dimensional scanning technology

Orthoville Orthodontics uses revolutionary three-dimensional scanning technology to record your teeth and study how they fit together. The scans will be used by your orthodontist to study your bite, your smile, and to plan your orthodontic treatment.

The scans can be used directly with Invisalign to prepare your treatment; therefore, your Invisalign treatment will begin sooner.

What is iTero?

  • A 3D scanner that reproduces your teeth and gums in a few minutes
  • The technology does not emit radiation
  • The results of the scan will be shown and explained to you
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How is the iTero scan used for your orthodontic treatment?

  • To study your bite (the way your teeth fit together)
  • To plan your orthodontic treatment
  • To prepare your Invisalign treatment
  • At the consultation, the scan will present a digital simulation of your smile at the end of treatment

What are the advantages of the iTero scan for patients?

  • To show and explain your bite
  • Eliminates messy impression material
  • No gagging and no bad taste
  • Very comfortable and does not use powder
  • Perfect to plan your Invisalign treatment (Invisalign starts faster)
  • At the consultation appointment, it allows you to see your smile at the end of treatment

What types of treatments use iTero?

  • At Orthoville, all patients receive the iTero scan
  • We show the scan to you immediately and explain your bite
  • The scan is used to plan your braces treatment or your Invisalign treatment


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