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Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age

In a healthy person, orthodontic treatment can be done at any age. Why not invest in yourself and proudly enjoy your smile?

Today, 25% of our orthodontic patients are adults. Orthodontic treatment is more accessible and tolerable today with comfortable and esthetic ceramic braces or transparent removable aligners (Invisalign).

Adult orthodontic treatment can have profound effects on your appearance, self-esteem, and on the health and function of your teeth and occlusion.

Important points about orthodontic treatment for adults:

  • Many orthodontic problems can be treated just as easily in adults as in children (with healthy teeth, gums, and bone)
  • With modern dentistry and accessibility to health care providers, adults can aspire to keep their teeth their entire lives
  • Since adults have very minimal growth, if a problem exists between the size or position of the jaws, surgery may be required to obtain ideal relationships between the upper and lower teeth
  • Good communication with your family dentist and dental specialists plays an essential role in obtaining the best results
  • At Orthoville, the use of mini-implants allows us to obtain results that were very difficult to obtain in the past
  • At the orthodontic exam and consultation appointment, patients will discuss their specific wishes and goals with Dr. Scalia


Particular Treatment Plans

Orthodontic treatment for adults may require particular treatment plans due to missing teeth, restored teeth, migrated teeth, and gum or bone (periodontal) disease. Following the consultation appointment, Dr. Scalia will communicate with your dentist to share the findings and treatment plan.


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