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Invisalign Teen

The braces without anyone knowing

  • Adolescents have teeth in transition: permanent teeth are completing their eruption and their occlusion is changing.
  • Invisalign Teen is the only orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners specifically designed to address the special concerns and requirements of non-adult patients.
  • This innovative technology allows the natural eruption of permanent teeth as well as a better control of the positioning of the roots.

Aligners specially adapted for teenagers

  • Blue colored indicators on the Invisalign aligners allow the patient, parents and practitioner to verify that the aligners are being worn regularly, which is essential for the success of the treatment.
  • Invisalign aligners are designed to allow and anticipate tooth eruption during treatment.
  • Six free replacement aligners are provided in case the patient loses one!

Be comfortable with your orthodontic treatment

Invisalign Teen aligners allow teens to maintain their active lifestyle. These aligners, being removable, allow them to maintain a normal oral hygiene by facilitating the brushing of teeth and the use of dental floss. Patients can continue their normal daily activities (playing sports, playing a musical instrument, etc.).

Find out if Invisalign Teen could be a solution for your teen.


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